New Brunswick Will Dispute Attorney

If you have questions regarding will contests in New Jersey, you can rely on my law firm, Ralph H. Kline, Esq., for advice and dedicated advocacy. I have extensive training and experience as an attorney and a CPA. This knowledge allows me to advise my clients of the legal and tax consequences of their decisions.

You can rely on my more than 30 years of tax experience to assist you through your will contest concerns. Contact my New Jersey law firm to learn how I can help you.

Princeton, New Jersey, Will Contest Attorney

Whether you are a beneficiary whose name has been omitted from a will or a family member attempting to uphold the terms of your loved one's will, you need the services of an experienced tax attorney. I have assisted numerous clients through various types of will and trust controversies.

Representing Executors in a Will Dispute.

The office of Ralph H. Kline has represented the executor of estates in which beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries have challenged decisions of the executor. Fortunately, when a will has been drawn by an experienced attorney, challenges occur less frequently. It is still important, however, for the executor to have a knowledgeable tax attorney available to discuss issues which might arise during the the administration of an estate.

Challenging the Will — Guidance From an Experienced Lawyer in New Jersey

Please feel free to contact my Kingston will disputes law firm at 609-921-6266 for a consultation. I help clients throughout Middlesex County and all of New Jersey with their will contest concerns.