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Have you failed to file your tax return? Are you being contacted by the IRS? If so, need the skill and training of an experience tax lawyer who can advise you.

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If a U.S. taxpayer fails to file a U.S. return, the IRS is empowered to file a tax return for the taxpayer. The tax return prepared by the IRS will be based on information it receives on W-2 forms and 1099 forms from third parties, such as employers, banks and other entities which have made payments to individuals.

An IRS prepared return will include the amount of income paid to a U.S. taxpayer, but generally will not include the deductions that the taxpayer is entitled to.

The effect of a filing by the IRS is that the tax assessed against the taxpayer will generally be higher than the amount which is actually owed. You can avoid such harsh results. I have helped numerous clients through this type of situation before.

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