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When a business fails to pay the Federal or State Government taxes withheld from employees' salaries, the IRS and the New Jersey Department of Revenue have the power to deal with the offending taxpayer and the people who are responsible. This power includes pursuing actions against the entity responsible for withholding the tax and against the individual who are responsible for making the payments.

If you have issues involving taxes withheld from your or your employee's checks, do not hesitate to contact an experienced trust fund issue lawyer.

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The taxes withheld from employees salaries are considered to be trust funds. The IRS and the New Jersey Department of Revenue aggressively pursue the collection of trust funds. These government agencies have the power not only to collect the tax and interest from the taxpayer, but they have the power to assess a penalty, known as the "trust fund recovery penalty," against the paying entity and the individuals who are found to be responsible for the failure to pay.

When the government is attempting to collect trust funds it may name the owners of the business, corporate officers, directors and any employee who has had authority to sign a check.

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