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The IRS and the New Jersey Department of Revenue can impose a lien on the assets, real estate and personal property of a taxpayer who has not paid all of the taxes that he or she owes. The filing of a lien can attach to all of the assets of the taxpayer.

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Unpaid Taxes — Guidance From an Attorney Serving the Princeton Area

The effect on the taxpayer of the IRS or the State of New Jersey imposing a lien is that the lien is a public record which will significantly affect the credit standing of the taxpayer and his or her reputation. The filing will also prevent the taxpayer from selling or refinancing an asset without paying off the lien. Finally, the IRS or the state of New Jersey, after taking the necessary administrative steps, will be able to sell the assets.

Once a lien has been filed, the IRS and the State of New Jersey have little reason to agree to release the lien. Therefore, taxpayers should avoid, at all costs, having a lien filed against them. If you have not paid all outstanding taxes, you should seek assistance from a tax professional in order to avoid having a lien filed.

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