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In order to obtain a levy, the IRS is required to satisfy certain administrative requirements. Taxpayers with unpaid taxes may be able to avoid a tax levy if they obtain assistance from an experienced New Jersey tax attorney before the IRS has had an opportunity to satisfy these stringent obligations.

If you are worried about your unpaid taxes or the IRS obtaining a tax levy on your assets, contact my New Jersey law firm to learn how I can help.

IRS Negotiations From a Lawyer Serving the Princeton and Kingston Areas

The IRS has the authority to levy on the assets of a taxpayer who has unpaid taxes. The levy allows the IRS to seize a taxpayer's assets in order to satisfy a tax liability. Generally, the IRS will seize assets easily convertible into cash such as bank accounts, automobiles and real estate.

An experienced tax attorney may be able to assist a taxpayer to avoid a levy by negotiating with the government. The IRS has several tools at its disposal which it may use other than a levy to secure payment. As your tax attorney, I will strive to negotiate an alternative solution with the Internal Revenue Agent.

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