Tax Controversies: Princeton Area Lawyer for Help With IRS Problems

If you have received a notice of a tax assessment, you will want an experienced tax attorney to represent you to respond to the IRS. The process for contesting an assessment is complex, and it is critical to have an experienced lawyer representing you through out the entire process.

My law firm, Ralph H. Kline, Esq., was established to help taxpayers deal with issues raised by the IRS during tax examinations. If you are seeking an experienced tax lawyer advise you you during an audit by the IRS, contact my Kingston law firm online.

Princeton and New Brunswick Area Tax Controversies - Guidance With IRS Assessments

My mission is to assist individuals, businesses, their accountants and their lawyers with tax controversies. If your tax return has been examined and you have received a tax assessment, you need an experienced tax attorney to counsel you with regard to your options. We will help you through out the entire process.

  • Many taxpayers do not know whether a tax issue is a civil matter or a criminal matter
  • Many taxpayers are overwhelmed by an IRS assessment
  • Many taxpayers are not aware of the possible penalties resulting from a tax assessment

I have advised clients with regard to tax problems in many different areas. The following are some examples of the type of qeustions that I ahve dealt with.

  • IRS audits a tax return and issues a tax assessment.
  • Taxpayer fails to file one or more tax returns.
  • IRS receives income information from an employer or a financial institution which is different from the income information reported by the taxpayer on a tax return.

Tax Controversies and Setting the Record Straight

My role as your tax attorney is to provide you with an objective assessment of an issue raised by the IRS. My analysis of the issues is tailored to the circumstances. When I represent a client in a controversy with the IRS, I assess the problem, help the client to accumulate the necessary documentation to support the client's position and present the information properly to the IRS. I also review the information used by the IRS to ensure that such information is accurate.

When you work with the law firm of Ralph H. Kline, Esq., you can expect me to:

  • Listen to the facts of your case and answer all of your questions and concerns.
  • Give you a full and thorough assessment of your situation.
  • Create a legal strategy reflecting the law as it applies to your facts.
  • Guide you through the appropriate steps and procedures to deal with your IRS problems.
  • Help you reach your goals, while predicting possible future implications.

Helping Clients Find Solutions to Their Tax and Financial Matters Throughout New Jersey

With my background as an attorney and a certified public accountant, clients can be confident that I will handle their tax matters professionally. I have more than 25 years of experience successfully representing a variety of clients with a variety of tax problems. As your attorney, I can use my experience and know how to help you find a solution to your tax issues.

Please feel free to contact me today at 609-921-6266 for a consultation. I help clients throughout Middlesex County and all of New Jersey.