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The State of New Jersey imposes a sales tax on retail sales. The retailer is required to collect the tax and remit it to the Department of Revenue of the State of New Jersey. If the Department of Revenue has made an assessment of sales taxes after auditing your business, you should consult an experienced tax attorney to review the audit report and advise you.

There is an opportunity after an audit report has been issued for an attorney with sales tax experience to review the audit report and resolve issues with the governing agency. Contact my law firm, Ralph H. Kline, Esq., for an initial consultation.

Issues With Sales Tax in the Princeton and New Brunswick Areas

In many cases, auditors will use a sampling method rather than performing a complete audit when they conduct their operations. The accuracy of the auditor's report is dependent on the experience and training of the auditor. There are several areas in the audit process which are critical to the production of an audit report which should be reviewed.

First, the sample that the auditor chooses has a significant effect on the accuracy of the audit results. The amount of the tax deficiency may be skewed because the sample used by the auditor does not fairly reflect the total sales and the total of the problem areas in the taxpayers' bookkeeping. The amount of the tax deficiency claimed may also be skewed because of mathematical errors in the procedure used in calculating the deficiency.

As your sales tax attorney, I will review the entire process and strive to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Even if an audit report has been issued, there is still an opportunity for a Middlesex County lawyer to challenge the amount of the tax assessment because of errors in the selection of the sample and errors in the use of the sample to arrive at the amount of the claimed tax deficiency.

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