New Jersey Tax Lawyer

I have extensive training and experience as an attorney and a CPA which I use to resolve clients' problems. My experience is in many areas of federal and state taxation, including tax on individuals, estates, trusts, partnerships and corporations. My experience in federal and state taxes has been enhanced by working with many clients on many different types of problems, including advising clients who have bank accounts and investment accounts in foreign countries.

Experienced New Brunswick Taxn Attorney

My experience includes:.

  • Representing clients whose tax returns are being audited by the IRS.
  • Representing clients who are involved in business transactions.
  • Advising clients involved in divorce and other litigation with regard to valuation of marital or other assets; and tax consequences of paying or receiving awards.
  • Advising attorneys representing clients involved in employment discrimination litigation as to the valuation of their employers and the tax consequences of receiving awards and the deduction of counsel fees.
  • Advising executors of wills and trustees with respect to their duties and the preparation and filing of the required estate, inheritance and other tax returns.

Princeton Attorney for Tax Relief

"I help individuals, partnerships and other business entities that are entering into a new business activity and others who are buying or selling a business; lawyers who are drafting agreements, which can have tax consequences and lawyers who are representing clients in which the valuation of a business entity is important." — Ralph H. Kline, Esq.

Dedicated Guidance From an Experienced Tax Lawyer

If you have received a tax assessment from the IRS, you need a professional to review the issues and to advise you as to the best resolution possible. My law firm, Ralph H. Kline, Esq., helps people and businesses during their IRS audits of federal income tax returns, U.S. estate tax returns and general tax planning guidance. I have worked on federal and state taxation matters involving individuals, corporations and other entities.

If you have a tax question, I will provide you with an answer. Helping Clients Find Solutions to Their Tax and Financial Problems. With my background as an attorney and as a certified public accountant, clients can be confident that I will handle their tax matters professionally. I have more than 25 years of experience successfully representing a variety of clients with their tax matters. My reputation and knowledge allows me to help people create the best possible tax and financial plan.

Please feel free to contact me today at 609-921-6266 for a consultation regarding your concerns with regard to any tax queston which concerns you.