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If a taxpayer has not paid all of the taxes due to the IRS, the IRS has the authority to enter into an agreement with the taxpayer to accept less than the full amount owed. However, the government will scrutinize the information provided by the taxpayer to be sure that he or she qualifies to enter into an offer in compromise. The IRS will not enter an offer in compromise with a taxpayer unless it can be documented that he or she is not financially capable of paying the full amount owed.

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There are two basis for filing an offer in compromise. The first basis is that the taxpayer is not financially capable of paying the full amount of the debt, either in cash or through an installment payment plan. The second basis for filing an offer in compromise is that there is some reason why the taxpayer is not liable, either fully or partially, for the amount of tax due.

I have advised many taxpayers who have sought to file an offer in compromise. I have represented some of those taxpayers in completing an offer in compromise application and have advised those taxpayers who have not satisfied the IRS requirements. No matter what concern you have with your taxes, you can rely on my knowledge and experience to see you through the matter.

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