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Filing joint tax returns can have many advantages, as well as disadvantages.A person who is married to someone with whom they do not have confidence is at risk if they agree to file a joint return with that person.' If a mrried couple files a joint tax return, they are each bound by thaat decision and they can not reverse their decision to file a joint return. They are each liable for the tax owed on the total amount of income that was required to be reported. There is a provision in the tax law which allows an innocent spouse relief. However, qualifying as an innocent spouse requires compliance with all of the applicable rules.

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Many married couples file joint income tax returns because of the favorable tax rate available on a joint tax return as opposed to the rates applicable to separate tax returns. Spouses who file a joint tax return are each responsible for any tax liability resulting from the filing. Unfortunately, the spouse of the income earner is not always aware of all of the facts relating to the amount of income earned and reported and the amount of deductions claimed. After a joint return is filed and the due date for the return has expired, neither spouse can amend the return to extricate himself or herself from the joint liability.

The Internal Revenue Code does provide a way for an innocent spouse to avoid liability in a limited number of circumstances. The requirements of qualifying as an innocent spouse are stringent. I can help you determine whether or not you qualify.

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If you have filed a joint tax return with a spouse who did not disclose all of the facts relating to the income earned and the amount reported, you may be able to qualify for relief as an innocent spouse. In order to benefit from this relief provision, you need to consult an experienced tax attorney.

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