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There are various transactions in which taxpayers may be able to reduce their income tax.

One of the transactions involves a taxpayer buying or selling a business. The consequences to the parties involved in the sale of a business in many situations can be altered by the structure of the transaction. For example, the sale of a business can involve the sale of individual assets owned by the business, or the sale can be accomplished by the sale of the corporate stock. The tax consequences to the seller and the buyer of adopting one of the options rather than the other may be significant.

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The structure of a transaction can significantly change the tax consequences to the seller, especially with the sale of real estate. The owner can change the tax consequences of a sale of real estate by deferring the recognition of gain and accepting a payout over a period of years.

Another example of such a transaction involves the sale of a piece of real estate and the purchase of another piece of real estate. Structured properly, it is possible to sell one piece of property at a gain and buy another piece of real estate, at a different time, without having to recognize the gain at the time of the sale.

There are other situations in which it is possible to change tax results, including a divorce and the ownership and operation of a successful business. No matter what issues you encounter regarding your transactions and their tax consequences, I will be here for you.

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The general rule is that anyone considering a transaction involving a substantial amount of money should consult with an experienced tax attorney before entering into an agreement.

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