Income Tax Audit

The IRS has increased the number of audits of income tax returns it conducts. The Revenue Department of the State of New Jersey has increased the number of audits of income tax audits it is conducting. If you have been audited, or informed that you will be audited, you should speak with an experinced tax lawyer.

The law office of Ralph H. Kline, Esq., has extensive experience in representing clients during income tax audits. The period during the audit and the procedure following the audit are critical. Taxpayers generally have little or no experience representing themselves. Taxpayers need to consult with a qualified tax attorney with regard to any tax audit.

New Brunswick and Princeton Area Tax Lawyer

Taxpayers should be aware of their potential problems when they receive a notice of a tax audit. Seeking advice from a qualified tax attorney prior to the time the audit begins is highly recommended. If a taxpayer does not have a tax advisor during the course of an audit, he or she should seek advice after the audit is completed, prior to attempting to resolve any issues raised during the process.

At my law office, in Kingston, New Jersey, I can provide you with the answers you seek regarding your tax audit questions.

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