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The State of New Jersey has recently raised an issue with many New Jersey businesses with regard to workers who the businesses designated as independent contractors but the Department of Labor of the State of New Jersey takes the position that such workers are employees. The consequences to the businesses are that the State assesses New Jersey payroll taxes against the employer.

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The State of New Jersey has adopted a three-part formula for determining whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. If the determination of the State prevails, the business can be liable for substantial amounts of unpaid New Jersey unemployment tax and New Jersey Disability tax.

As an example of the significance of the payroll tax issues, I recently represented a client who was assessed approximately $150,000.00 in unpaid payroll taxes, interest and penalties. The only way to avoid the tax, interest and penalties is to satisfy the State of New Jersey that the individual is an independent contractor and not an employee.

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With sufficient evidence, it may be possible to convince the New Jersey Department of Revenue, that the worker was in fact an independent contractor. If you fail to convince the Department of Revenue of the fallacy of the State's position, it may be possible to successfully challenge the assessment in the New Jersey Tax Court.

As an additional solution, it may be possible to negotiate a settlement of the amount due. Using my experience and training, I advise my clients as to their options and their best position.

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